Public Art Mural

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    City of Northampton


    Salmon Studios


    Leland Marshall




    Northampton, MA

  Hot air balloons, bicyclists and a passenger train are among the images that people can expect to see when entering Northampton, courtesy of seven signs individually tailored to their locations throughout the city.

  The signs are part of a beautification project created by a Gateway Committee of residents from each of Northampton’s seven wards. Designed and created by artist Sam Ostroff, they will be placed alongside Route 66, Pleasant Street, Route 10 and other roads where drivers enter Northampton. Like the entrance signs, the bridge mural features hot air balloons done in metal and a metal depiction of the downtown skyline as seen from City Hall. There are also human figures carrying an 11-foot clearance sign, the height of the bridge. The clearance sign is required by the Massachusetts Department of Transportation.